Saturday, July 30, 2011

Factory Cart Turned Coffee Table

This is what it looked like before.
                                                        The boards had to be nailed down.
               Then we (or should I say my amazing husband) sanded the entire table...which took awhile.
       Finally, he stained it. We realize now that the driveway is not the best place to stain. It was just soooo heavy and it took a lot out of us just moving it outside.
The finished product! Short and sweet...not much to it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Works in Progress

So here are some pics of my living room and dining room. I realize I still need something on the walls in the living room...any suggestions?

Living Room....
The chairs and frames are from IKEA.
This was my great great great grandmother's sewing machine. Her name was also Jenni.
This is an old factory cart that my aunt and uncle gave me. They sell them to antique dealers in  South Carolina. More on what my husband and I did to it later.
 This chair is a $10 thrift store find. The arms and legs were originally brown wood and I spray painted them white and used sandpaper to give it a weathered look. I plan on upholstering the cushions in some kind of yellow fabric. I also spray painted the owl white. The lamp is from IKEA.
 These are old navy trunks and no I don't mean the store. They are also a thrift score. There are inventory papers and interesting compartments inside.
 View from the front door. Please notice the incredibly charming dog perched on the couch.:]
 Dining Room
 I purchased this mason jar chandelier from Kara Paslay. I am absolutely in LOVE with it. Not only because it's unique, but because it took hard work from my amazing husband to wire and secure it to the ceiling. Here is Kara's blog: Kara Paslay Designs
 The table I received as a gift from my loving and generous parents. The old window is a gift from my sister-in-law Catherine and the jars are the start of an obsessive collection of mine. Most were found at thrift stores. I'm still trying to come up with a better way to store bills/keys/etc.

 These shelves are from IKEA and are decorated with mostly antiques I found in my Grandma's basement.
Hope you like! And please remember..I'm always open to suggestions! These rooms will be forever changing to fit my mood and style.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My New Home

Well hello there! I'm starting this blog as a way to share my home improvements and design ideas for my humble abode. I also want to document some personal growth and family experiences. I don't know much about writing a blog, but I sure do like to follow them! So why not try one out for myself? I am obsessed with anything HGTV and find inspiration in just about anything. I also loooove vintage finds and antiques. In every room you will see at least one heirloom or thrift store score. My decor has changed so much since my husband and I moved from our teeny tiny apartment to our 1200 square foot house. In our apartment, I had a red accent wall that really commanded attention. In our new house, I have transitioned from loud colorful accents to a more soft, country like setting where the antiques do the talking.

 So now on to some pics....
What my current house used to look like before move in day......

                                                                      Living Room
                                                                     Dining Room (more of a nook)
                                                                    Master Bedroom
                                                                  Guest Bedroom
 Stay tuned for some pics of my dining room and living in progress!