Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My New Home

Well hello there! I'm starting this blog as a way to share my home improvements and design ideas for my humble abode. I also want to document some personal growth and family experiences. I don't know much about writing a blog, but I sure do like to follow them! So why not try one out for myself? I am obsessed with anything HGTV and find inspiration in just about anything. I also loooove vintage finds and antiques. In every room you will see at least one heirloom or thrift store score. My decor has changed so much since my husband and I moved from our teeny tiny apartment to our 1200 square foot house. In our apartment, I had a red accent wall that really commanded attention. In our new house, I have transitioned from loud colorful accents to a more soft, country like setting where the antiques do the talking.

 So now on to some pics....
What my current house used to look like before move in day......

                                                                      Living Room
                                                                     Dining Room (more of a nook)
                                                                    Master Bedroom
                                                                  Guest Bedroom
 Stay tuned for some pics of my dining room and living in progress!

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