Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Picker's Heaven

So I don't call myself a picker, but I do like to go to random antique stores and look for "treasures." :] Well, what some call junk, I call treasures. I went to Connie's Antiques, which is on 27 right before you enter the Lancaster town square. Let me tell you, I was in HEAVEN! Here are some of my finds:
 I thought this wheel would work great hanging on a wall, if you had farmhouse type decor. Or you could turn it into a pot rack somehow.
 These ladders work great as shelves. You could paint them any color and it would work.
 I wanted to take this home with me! It would be awesome in a white kitchen. You could use the wood part as a desk. (Paint the wood of course)
 My dream come true! A whole box of canning jars! These can work as vases, storage, decoration, etc. The possibilities are endless. See pics below.
I actually bought this mirror for 5 bucks. I plan on painting it white and putting it in a bedroom.
 These look amazing.
 I'm going to go back and buy a couple of these to plant flowers in and set them on my front "porch."
 Old radios that I bet the show American Restoration could restore.
 Once again, would look great in a kitchen.

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