Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some People Love It, Some People Hate It

The great ole debate: wallpaper. Which side are you on? I personally want to have wallpaper in my house on a focal wall, but my  husband can't stand the idea. I hope one day I can convince him that wallpaper can be a good thing. For instance, check out these photos:
If I get to be real bold, I may try to stencil. See if you can tell the difference.
Now some of you may look at those pictures and cringe and that's okay. I particularly find them inspiring. The one thing that I will do in my lifetime is have a family photo wallpaper mural in a room. Something like this, but a lot smaller and more than one.

Hope you enjoyed! Remember, my link is so share with your friends! It makes me feel good to know people read and actually care!

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